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Inclement Weather

Bus on snowy road

Forecasting the weather for school closures is not an easy task. South Kitsap School District officials put a lot of effort into preparing a decision when determining whether to keep schools on schedule, start late, or close schools due to inclement weather conditions. Each time a decision has to be made, many different interests and issues are taken into consideration; the primary decision factor, however, is student safety.

School district officials try to make the decision by no later than 5:30 a.m. Sometimes, conditions are stable enough that the district is able to make the announcement the night before. In such situations the SchoolMessenger calling system will be used to contact all families and staff at home.

Check our social media pages, website, TV, radio for current information

The best means for finding out changes in the school schedule due to inclement weather is through television, radio, or websites like or the district website. You can register with Flash Alert for automatic email messages that are sent out as soon as the district posts its decision to the Public Emergency Communications System.

Should time changes become necessary to alter or cancel the school schedule, one of or a combination of the following announcements will be made over the radio, television stations and web sites between 5:30 a.m. and 7:30 a.m.

Closure and Late Start Procedures

  • "No News is Good News!"
    • SKSD will report all school schedule changes to the local news media and post these changes to the home page of the district Web site. If no reports have been made, school will begin at regularly scheduled times.
  • Collaboration Late Start Wednesday
    • If SKSD reports a 2-hour late start schedule on a Collaboration Late Start Wednesday - Collaboration will be canceled and 2-hour late start will operate on the normal non-Wednesday schedule.
  • "South Kitsap Schools will be closed for the day."
    • All activities at school buildings and trips are cancelled.
    • All out of district transportation is cancelled.
    • All school term (9 month) employees do not report to work. All other (10, 11 or 12 month) employees report pursuant to employee guidelines.
    • Administrative offices are open.
  • "South Kitsap Schools will operate two (2) hours late."
    • School will begin two hours late.
    • No out of district transportation including West Sound Tech Skills Center, Tacoma, etc.
    • No special education mid-day transportation.
    • No Breakfast Program.
    • No Elementary Band.
    • For late start times check the district website.
  • "South Kitsap Schools and Administrative/Support offices are closed."
    • All district functions and activities are canceled.
    • Other than emergency personnel required to report, all others do not report to work.
    • No out of district transportation.

Find Out Fast!

Flash Alert!

Register with Flash Alert for automatic email messages or SMS alerts that are sent out as soon as SKSD posts a decision on delays and closures. This is the same system used to alert news channels.

Inclement Weather Newsletter

Download the Inclement Weather Newsletter by clicking on the link above. This newsletter is updated each school year.

Staff Reporting Instructions

Download staff reporting instructions by clicking on the link above.