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First page of the PDF file: RecessExpectations

Welcome to Sunnyslope Elementary Playground

Our goal is to foster an environment where all students feel safe and valued on the playground!

Students learn to navigate relationships and enjoy physical activity.  When students make mistakes, recess teachers use a variety of strategies to help them learn.  Coaching kids through conflict using "I statements", teaching Kelso strategies, assigning students to alternative play areas, and timeouts are used frequently on the playground.  The school counselor often assists with students who have ongoing concerns or need supports learning how to navigate peer relationships.  Communication with the principal and classroom teachers occurs after multiple incidents on the playground. The principal will meet with students to reteach expectations and contact parents to invite them into the problem-solving process. For more information on how you can support your child in navigating playground conflict, please read this article by our school counselor.


Playground Procedures & Rules

Playground Rules